Twitter: Big Changes are Coming. What I Think it Means

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Yesterday, Twitter announced significant changes. They started with Developers. That was nice of them since it gives us a chance to adjust everything we’ve done to the new realities. Yes, I’m being facetious. For more normal users, the changes will be less intrusive. They may even make your lives a little easier. There will be […]

Writer? Translator? Which do you need? What You Need to Know

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If you have something in one language, and you need it in another, you hire a translator. It’s simple. Right? No, it isn’t. It sounds like a simple decision. It isn’t. Maybe it should be a simple decision. It still isn’t. The confusion is understandable. Writers and translators are both wordsmiths. Both are masters of […]

What I Do: On Gordian Knots, Customer Engagement, and Swords

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Profile sections are limiting and don’t do much to accurately describe what a person does and who they are. This is my attempt to elaborate on that. What I Do I ‘m a customer experience guy. It’s all about the customer, your customer. You might call them “customers”, “guests”, “clients”, or “patrons.” Everything I do builds […]